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Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business and Leave the wRITING to Me

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Ever since I was a schoolboy, I always wanted to be an engineer and I’m a student of mathematics- on the way to become what I wanted to be.

Everything that happens in our life, perpetually, that doesn’t happen in your way and that’s the reality to be accepted by all. By the same token, I never wanted to become a freelance writer, I swear. 

However, I was looking for something different apart from becoming an engineer for some reason. BOOM!!! Writing for business walked into my life.

Once a wise businessman said, “Passion is not to be found but to be built.”.

As I found freelance writing is so for me from different perspectives, I began to build a passion for writing and guess what, now I’m all about writing- a dedicated content writer. OK, so, what exactly do I write? Well, my expertise lies in B2C marketing. I write for people not for machines. What does that mean? You know, people are so obsessed with SEO, to rank in google, while writing. I understand the importance of the SEO knowledge and ranking; but, what is it worth if it doesn’t convert? That’s where I accomplish it, I solve people’s problems with my article and hook them in the page. 

My specialty is understanding what folks need and provide value accordingly. Then I do what I have got to do to rank my article on the first page. 

Don’t you want to check it out? Do you want a research-backed article? 

Whether your business is going down due to the lack of articles that hook and convert, or you are too busy to write, sit back, and relax. If article writing is an art, I’m the artist; so, let me handle this part of your business, will you? 


My duty is to provide engaging content that grows a business like yours. In doing so, your time is my priority.


Businesses like yours go down for two main reason: such as, lake of consistency in blog and lake of reader friendly SEO optimized content. That’s where I stand with entrepreneur like you.


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