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Hossain md Athar

Let me do your boring task while you can manage your million dollar business. 

Need Content that hooks and converts?

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Researching and writing!

Every day I wake up thinking of how can I capture an audience. 

I write for people like you who are an entrepreneur or small business owner. As the name suggests, I don’t write a bunch of useless words but a bunch of engaging SEO friendly words. Articles are bound to be ranked on the first page on google.

Now it’s time to convert, right? Well, no worries, I also take care of this. When I think of an article, I think of a thousand people who need a solution through this article. 

You need a research-backed content? Guess what, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s grow your business together.

who i am?

I’m a student and I want to expand my researching and crafting ability. Fortunately, I discovered FREELANCE writing can add value in my life by quenching the thirst of researching and crafting. 

On the flip side, I love to color a content. I’ve been coloring content via writing for a while. 


What I do?

As a freelance writer, I contribute in peoples’ businesses in various ways.

BLOG writing: Long form blog post conveys your brand voice to your target audience; but, you’re too busy to that, right? Leave it to me!

Web Content writing: short educative articles hooks target audience and grow business. But to conquer your target audience you need engaging content where my expertise lies. 

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STRATEGY is the key!

How i do?

At first I use my expert knowledge and skill in researching. 

Then I start writing right away, using my inbound marketing knowledge.

In final stage, I edit as long as it’s good enough to rank on google while hooks reader.

I add value in my writing which makes reader to take action!!!

Why Choose Me?

Always On Time

The client's time is my first priority when I contribute to a project. No way to miss a deadline.

Hard Working

I never get tired of researching. Content must provide value is my motive.

Reader friendly

I don't write for machine but for people. A site mostly depends on audience i.e. readers.

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